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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A really good week!

My next "big" race is a Half Marathon on September 8th. I'm just starting to ramp up my mileage in preparation. During this time of some shorter runs, I have been focusing on other areas of my fitness. One thing that is going really well is my ongoing effort to eat clean. Other than my protein bars that I have a couple times per week and my ice cream splurges, I have been doing really well! Weekends are still bad. I did enjoy a few beers and some Swedish meatballs during our Ikea run this weekend but I'm pretty proud of myself!

Another new resolution that I started this week - the hottest week of the year, mind you - is to walk one mile everyday at lunch.i read a recent article in Runner's World magazine called "Sitting is the new Smoking" and it scared the crap out of me. I work in a typical office at a desk in a cube all day. I have known that sitting is bad but I always kind of felt exempt since a run several times per week. I also, recently purchased, an Up by Jawbone to help me know when I've been sitting too long and to count my steps. I was surprised how many days that I don't even come close to 10,000 steps.

There is a 1/4 mile walking path around a pond in the office park where I work. It's one building away and, even walking slow so as not to get too sweaty, I can get a mile in in around 25 minutes max. As the weather cooks, I'm sure it will me much faster. That still leaves plenty of time to eat. I'm proud to report that I did my mile everyday this week! I'm looking forward to cooler weather this week and making it two weeks in a row!

Do you have a desk job? How do you keep active during the day?

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