I'm running into the sun but I'm...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Running into the Sun...

But there wasn't any sun.

I got one short, 2 mile run in while I was in Phoenix but it was ugly!  The hotel gave me a "running map" of the area which mapped out a 4 mile course.  I knew I wouldn't have time to do 4 miles in the morning so I just planned to run one mile out and one mile back.  Against my better judgement, I went out before sunrise.  (Note to self - always listen to your better judgement!)  About 1/2 of the mile was down a long road/driveway which lead to the Arizona Biltmore.  There were no streetlights but where the sidewalk ended, a lighted trail picked up on the other side of the road.  After my turn around, on the way back as I was crossing the road from the trail to the sidewalk, a speed bump sprung up out of the dark.  I tripped over it and fell head over heels in the middle of the road. 

My daughter was hoping someone saw me but luckily it was dark.  I got my wits back about me, realized I wasn't injured other than being very scraped up, and ran back to the hotel praying that no one saw my bleeding self running down the road and into the lobby of the hotel. 

Luckily, I'm fine.  Just sore and scabby.  I did a good two mile run this morning in my own, familiar neighborhood and am looking forward to getting in a couple runs next week in Chicago!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Runner's Bloghop

Feet Dominating Pavement
I'm new to both running and blogging but the whole running/blogging community is SO SUPPORTIVE that I'm trying, yet another, new thing - a Bloghop!  Thanks for letting me join!

Nicely Done!


 Remember my lofty goal to run my 10k race today in 63 minutes?  I did it!  No.  I did BETTER than it!  10 m/m!  I am SO EXCITED!!! 

This next two weeks is going to be Hell on my workout schedule.  I have back to back training trips.  I leave in the morning for a week in Phoenix, get home late Thursday night, work Friday here in town and then leave Saturday morning for a week in Chicago.  I have been to Chicago many times and am really looking forward to being able to run on the Lakefront Trail again.  So beautiful to run while seeing the Chicago skyline!  But, Phoenix...   I've never been there so I'm super excited about that but I'm a little nervous about trying to fit in a run.  The HEAT and the unfamiliar area...  Well...  Here's hoping for the best!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lofty Goal


I've been on a pretty good roll for training for nothing!  I'm glad to be doing a 10K race on Sunday.  My goal time is 63 minutes but as you can see from last night's 64 minute 6 mile run - it's a lofty goal.  I just want something to shoot for and who knows - maybe the conditions and adrenaline will combine  and maybe I can make it!

If you look close on the image, you can see my little red dot at the 4/75 mile mark where I had to stop to go to the bathroom!  That happens a LOT on my afternoons.  That's one reason why I HATE running in the afternoon!  Hopefully, THAT doesn't happen on Sunday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy Weekend!

Well, it started out good.  Had a wonderful run with my friend, Amanda.  It was bright and sunny and the air was cool.  We run along the canal and it was beautiful to see the steam rising from the water as the sun started to warm the air.  One of my favorite kinds of mornings to run and we had a good time to show for it!

After that - the weekend became a lazy football fest!  It was clambake weekend at our favorite restaurant/bar so I filled up on clams and lobster and watched football and napped the rest of the weekend!  I guess you need one of those every now and then!

One thing I did do while I was laying around was sign up for a 10k taking place in our town on Sunday.  It's an "out and back" and I am hoping for nice weather and a PR!  I will only get one good run in this week - tomorrow - so I hope I'm prepared!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breaking 1000

Amanda and I got in a workout at the Monument last night.  5 times up and down the steps and around the "oval" for a total of 1080 steps and 1 1/4 mile run.  I did two more miles this morning.  Looking forward to a "medium" run on Saturday of 6 or 7 miles. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I have been working to get a 6, 7 or 8 mile run in on Saturday mornings.  I had been doing really well until our Labor Day mini vacation and now this week.  It was raining on Saturday morning.  And not just drizzling but RAINING.  I HATE to run in the rain.  I waited for awhile for it to clear up.  The weather said the rain would stop around noon.  Our family has a tradition of watching the Ohio State Buckeye's games at a local bar/restaurant and the game was at noon on Saturday.  Since I'm not officially in training yet for the Princess Half, I blew off my run in favor of beer, bar food and Buckeyes.

So, typically Monday's would be a two mile run but since I didn't run on Saturday, Amanda and I ran 4 miles last night.  Not really far enough to make up for the 6 or 7 mile run that I missed but I'll get it back on track this week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fastest 5 mile


I've continued to work on my speed on my short and medium runs.  Last night, I had my fastest ever 5 mile run.  I'm not sure how long of a distance that I can keep up that same pace but I will keep working on it and see how it goes! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Not Much Running

So, as usual (and like the title says), I'm running behind in my training.  I have plenty of time.  I'm not registered for a race until February but I was really feeling good with my "medium" runs of 6, 7 and 8 miles on the weekends.  I knew it would be tough getting some running in during our jaunt to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail this weekend.  I managed to get in a 4 mile run Sunday morning.  I thought there was a bike trail right next to our hotel but after a mile, it ended and I couldn't figure out where it continued!  So, I circled around and ran through town.  I didn't want to get too lost.  I wanted to go 5 miles but I stopped after 4.  Hubby and I did walk for about another mile after that though.  The rest of the weekend was a lot of car riding but it was worth it.  The scenery was magnificent.   We're already talking about how soon we can go back again!

Hopefully, this week will be better for running.  I'm tentatively planning a 2 mile run in the morning, 5 or 6 Wednesday evening, 2 on Friday morning and 6 or 7 on Saturday.  Hopefully, the weather and rest of life will cooperate!