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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Almost There!

My next Half Marathon is only THREE weeks away! I had a really good 11 mile run yesterday. My legs are a little sore today. It just makes me look forward to my taper week in two weeks. A 12 mile run coming up this weekend then we'll be celebrating Labor Day on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky! I'm excited that our trip corresponds with my taper week. I'm really looking forward to a run in Kentucky. It was beautiful running there last year but I'm glad to only be doing about 6 miles or so instead of giving up 2+ hours of my vacation. 

I'm still working on my clean eating diet - or should I say, lifestyle! It's a work in progress but it has been going really well! Dinner today was salmon, corn on the cob and cabrese salad. I did need to have a small glass of wine. I haven't researched if wine is "clean" or not but I'm guessing it's probably not. 

I'm really hoping that next weekend's 12 mile run goes as well as the 11 miler this weekend! Have a great week, everyone!

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