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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Keep Running...


Yesterday's run was just "ok."  However, I was excited to see at the end that I JUST went over the 300 mile mark and "leveled up" on Nike +!  I started using Nike + just after starting training for the 1/2 marathon that I ran in June.  I started training in January and probably started using Nike + in February.  I don't use it on my short, early morning, two mile runs so I'd say I have, at least, 50-75 more miles than the app shows.

Since I don't run another race until February, I just feel like I need to keep on, keeping on to stay in shape and keep the pounds off.  I have a super busy week ahead and we're headed out of town for Labor Day weekend so my mileage will definitely suffer this week but I have plenty of time to catch back up! 

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