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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I love to do an ab/core workout for cross training.  I have really started to see results.  I bought a two piece swimsuit this year for the first time since I've been about 20 years old.  And let me just add that that was LONG time ago!

One of my favorite workouts was the Ab Crunch workout on Netflix.  I'd pull it up on my Wii a couple of times a week and get in a good workout.  Well, thank you Netflix for getting rid of EVERY SINGLE exercise video that was out there!  But, I say "thank you" because you forced me to go on the hunt for a new workout video.  I think I found a hit.  It is the Denise Austin ab workout.  I found a series on YouTube.  I did level one and two this morning and then got in a 5 mile run this afternoon.  This is one sore body that I am dragging off to bed right now! 

I liked Netflix and I will like the YouTube videos because I travel a good deal of time for work and can play them on my iPad in my hotel room.  Especially if I am in an area that doesn't appear safe for running.


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