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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tornadoes and PR's

What a week! My daughter lives on the south side of Oklahoma City just on the border of Moore. The massive tornado of May 20th scared all of us!

Since she was texting me while it was happening, I knew she was ok. In fact, I really didn't know how bad it was until later in the day since I was at work and hadn't seen the news!

After all that excitement, my friend, Amanda and I ran the Medina Half Marathon on Saturday. It was a preview run for the 2014 inaugural Half Marathon and it was FREE! Who could pass THAT up? The course was flat and scenic. The temperature was in the 40's with bright sunshine. The perfect conditions for a new PR! The race wasn't chip timed but as far as I'm concerned, my time is official!

I hope I don't have quite as much excitement this week but just in case, I started off my day today with a good 8 mile run. My legs aren't too happy about it right now but after all the food I ate yesterday, I hope it helps my waistline! The rest of the week's plan looks like this:

Tuesday - cross train-most likely abs since my legs are not happy
Wednesday - am-some kind of cross training, pm-a harder workout-run, hill work or monument steps
Thursday - some kind of cross training
Friday - short 2 mile run

What is your plan for the week? How will you work off the calories from this weekend's cookouts?

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