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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Suck...

... At blogging! 

I never seem to have anything prolific to share!

While there hasn't been anything earth shattering, my friend, Amanda, and I ran a Color Run last week. It was so fun!

It was an hour's drive but we went up the Thursday before to pick up our packet and make a stop at the nearest Trader Joes to us. That bought us a little extra time on Saturday morning. We didn't have to leave until about 5:45. That is LATE compared to getting up at 2am for the Disney Princess Half!

Oddly enough, when I stopped to get gas at 5:30am, the only other person at the gas station also had on a Color Run shirt! I 'm embarrassed that I was too delirious to make conversation. 

Amanda is on vacation this week so I am on my own for runs. I'm hoping to get in a mid-week 5 to 6 miler and I'd also like to get down to the monument for some steps.  I need some extra workouts since I had a HORRIBLE food day today:  stuffed French toast for breakfast and I just had a mint Oreo blizzard for an after dinner treat. I promise to get back on track (literally) this week!

I hope you have a wonderful week and keep on YOUR track!

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