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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jackson Glow Run

Friday night was our annual, local Glow Run 5k. I ran tis race lady year just a week after my first Half Marathon. I had a hard time with it because I had been doing so many long runs that I really didn't know how to pace for a 5k. I did MUCH better this year!

This isn't officially a PR but I'm tempted to count it because the race where I got my PR did not measure 3.1 miles. It was short and my pace was faster during this race!

This week is going to be tough to fit in some workouts. We have the odd holiday in the middle of the week which includes a 5 mile race. I'd like to get in a good run or steps workout before Thursday. To complicate things, I work the "late shift" this week which means I don't get off work till 6pm.

Here's my tentative plan for the week:

Monday: fast 2 mile run
Tuesday:  AM-cross/strength training, PM-steps or 5ish mile run
Wednesday:  fast 2 mile run or cross/strength training (dependent upon Tuesday night's workout)
Thursday:  5 mile race
Friday:  cross/strength training
Saturday:  ugh-who knows! I'm afraid nothing since we are hosting a big picnic! Hopefully, I can have everything together the night before and I can get up early enough to get in a couple miles.

How do you work in training during busy weeks?

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