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Monday, November 5, 2012

Will the Sun Ever Come Out?

I should know better.  Probably not until April.  Northeast Ohio averages 66 days of sun per year.  We were really spoiled this summer by so many sunny days.  I guess we're making up for it now!  It's been 10 days since we've seen the sun and it even snowed a bit this morning!

I got a really good 7 mile run in on Saturday.  Then I ruined my run by eating football food and drinking beer.  But I am still drinking my green smoothies every day.  Recently, I have even started adding a scoop of protein powder!

Last week, we all got the base for our costumes.  Target had their costumes half off so we were able to get these cute tank/tutu one piece outfits for $10!  I'm hoping my mom can add the white peplum things that are on Cinderella's skirt and add some puffy white sleeves.   I think I will like this better than just a tutu because I won't have to worry about it fitting in the waist.  Just slip it on!  I think I might have trouble with my Spibelt but I will try to figure something out for fuel and my phone. 

I got a quick 2 mile run in this morning.  Tomorrow is cross training, Wednesday is a 5 miler with Amanda (if her shins are feeling better) Thursday is cross train.  Friday should be a 2 miler and another 7 miler on Saturday!  Training is ticking by!

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