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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Whatta Week!

After the Making Strides walk on Sunday, I started feeling a cold coming on.  I know the experts say that being wet and cold doesn't make you sick but I don't believe a word of it!  I got a wet and cold 2 mile run in on Monday morning and then Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy hit us Monday night.  Luckily, Tuesday was already planned to be an off day.  That's when I started feeling sick.

Amanda and I were thinking about going to Zumba on Tuesday night but our boss gave us tickets to the Cavaliers home opener so we went up to Cleveland for the ball game.  Wednesday morning was bad news.  I got up to do a 2 mile run but my sinuses were stuffed and I was feeling very achy.  When I stepped outside, it was STILL windy, raining and cold and I just couldn't face it.  It was the first run I have blown off in months.  I did a few half hearted core exercises (read:  a couple of planks) and crawled off to work.  After a day of Cold Ease and vitamin C lozenges, I came home and fell asleep on the couch at 6:15.  I finally crawled up to bed at about 8:30 but all that sleep made me feel MUCH better today!

Photo: I will NOT get sick!

Amanda and I had a 5 mile run planned for this evening.  We ran at the park on their lit track since it is too dark in the evenings now to get in a medium length run at the canal tow path.  The rain cleared up and just before dusk, we even saw a quick glimpse of, what we thought might be the sun!  The first time in a week!  Running on the track isn't as bad as I thought.  It's 1.1 miles in length so it's not just a short track.  Amanda's shins were bothering her so I ran on ahead and went 4.3 miles.  Amanda was waiting for me so I cut my run just a little short.  Saturday, I am doing a 7 miler.  I haven't run that distance since July!  I'll be on my own so I'm planning to get out as early as possible to get out and get done!

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