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Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm so glad this week is OVER!

Well, it happened.  I had been battling a cold for about 2 weeks and successfully warding it off with vitamin C and ColdEze lozenges but this week, everyone at work got sick - including me.

The week started off ok.  I got my normal 2 mile run in on Monday, core workout on Tuesday, 2 miles on Wednesday but Wednesday night - it hit.  In a matter of minutes, after dinner Wednesday night, my head started filling up with snot.  I knew it was too late for more ColdEze or vitamin C.  When I woke up Thursday morning - I was sick.

I tried to muscle through.  I did a really half a$$ed core workout.  Amanda and I had a 5 miler planned for after work.  I started it but only made it two miles before the pressure behind my right eye made it impossible to go any further.  I still tried a half a$$ed core workout on Friday but it was pathetic.

Amanda and I were supposed to go 8 miles on Saturday.  Knowing how clogged my head still felt, we skipped the run and went Outlet Mall Christmas shopping instead.  I'm sure I got in a couple of miles worth of walking but it's just not the same.

My husband and I did our community's Candlelight  Walk tonight.  It is a couple of miles of walking to all the churches and some historic homes in the community where they sing carols at each location and have cookies and beverages.  At least I stayed a little active over the weekend.

I'm starting to feel a little better so I am planning for my regular two mile run in the morning and I HOPE that I can get back on my training track this week and I hope I didn't lose too much progress.

How do you stay active and continue training when you're sick?

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