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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hanging on

It has been an insane couple of weeks but I'm doing my best to hang on to some bit of sanity. I was proud of myself that I was able to run each of the 3 mornings that I spent in Puerto Rico. 2 three milers and 1 5.5 miler. I ran on a KILLER golf course on the side of a 300 foot cliff. The hills were MASSIVE and combined with the heat, even these short runs were quite the workout!

I didn't get to run in St. Louis but got a good 4 miler in as soon as I got home. I also participated in a Zoomba class this week which all culminated in a super fast 8 mile run yesterday. 1:24 for 8 miles made me happy!

This week should be relatively normal but, of course, now I am trying to catch a cold. I have laid on the couch all day sucking on Cold-eez and vitamin C lozenges. Thankfully, we have Friday off work. I am going to need it to get caught up on wedding preparations!

I am just going to take training one day at a time and get in as many miles as possible prior to my 2 half marathons in a 3 week period on 4/20 and 5/5!

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