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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hey, Look! A Blog!

Do I still have one of these things? I know I took some time off from blogging. I was right. After my last 12 mile run (almost a month ago) I was ready! The PHM was a BLAST! I wish I had a better finish time but I had a wonderful time doing the race. I'll give a more complete recap soon. The heat and humidity resulted in me not being able to get my breathing into a comfort zone and all of the stopping for pictures messed with my head but I didn't mind that part!

After spending a FANTASTIC week at Disney World, I'm ready to get my diet and training back on track TOMORROW! Saturday is the Nike Women's virtual 10k and the next half marathon is April 20th!

My tentative plan for the week is:
Monday - 2 mile run
Tuesday - Cross train
Wednesday - 2 mile run
Thursday - morning cross train, evening 4 or 5 mile run
Friday - Cross training
Saturday - Virtual 10k

Here's a couple PMH pictures:

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