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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Diet Part Two

Ok...  Where was I when I was so rudely interrupted by my job?  Talking about my week and my new diet!

So, I finished up my week pretty strong.  I got in my 5 mile run on Thursday night and a 6 mile run yesterday.  Friday was supposed to be abs again but I wimped out.  After the first 5 minutes, I was NOT feeling it so I turned off the DVD and just did some planks, crunches and stretching.  At least I did SOMETHING!

On to my diet - or lack there of.  I started taking this running thing seriously in January of this year when I started training for my first half marathon.  In the course of almost 11 months, I have barely lost 5 pounds!  Now, I am really focused on my time.  I'm not going to win any medals anytime soon (unless there are only 2 people in my age group - that happened once!) but I still want to be stronger and faster.  I think part of my struggle is my poor eating habits.  So, this past Tuesday, I am turning over a new leaf (pun intended) and drinking a green smoothie every morning!  You might be asking yourself, "Self, what in the world is a green smoothie?"  It's a smoothie made mostly of greens!  In my case, baby spinach.  My recipe this week has been as follows:

About 1/2 cup of milk
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
A blender full of spinach
About 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
About 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 banana

Blend it all up and there you have it!  I learned pretty quick that I like them better cold so I have been taking them to work along with my other food and putting them in the refrigerator.  I eat a serving of yogurt with Muesli and then get my smoothie.  This spaces out my food all morning and gives the smoothie time to get cold.

The rest of the day, I have been eating a protein bar, humus with whole wheat pita and some vegetable sticks (these are from Sam's Club and I have some from Trader Joes - I'm sure they are not the healthiest but they satisfy my need for a crunch without being horrible!)  A couple of days, I had another banana in the afternoon.

The weekends area still horrible.  We live in the Midwest.  Football is our religion and football food is NOT healthy!  I'm trying to to completely deny myself or I will be miserable.  Just trying to watch portion size and trying not to overindulge in the worst offenders.

I haven't noticed any huge improvement in the way I feel or in my performance yet.  But I'm making an effort to modify my diet and try to get stronger and faster at running!


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