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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting Back on Track

After two weeks of back to back trips to Phoenix and Chicago, it's time to get this exercise routine back on track.  I had one run in Phoenix and two runs in Chicago.  I only got in one ab/core workout though. 

I'm, a little bit, relieved by the fact that while training on the road, (two days in Phoenix and 4 days in Chicago) I am on my feet all day as opposed to when I am at my office and I'm sitting on my a$$ all day.  But, the food....

I was shocked that I only gained a pound or two.  I tried to keep the unhealthy stuff to a minimum but it's hard when you're eating out at restaurants every day for every meal!  Luckily, in Phoenix, my hotel was right next to a Seasons 52.  They have wonderful food and it is all very low in calories!  Chicago was another story.  Like the Mac Piggy (mac and cheese with pancetta, black forest ham, bacon and chorizo!).

I got in a six mile run this morning (notice, I didn't say good).  My IT band in my left leg is REALLY acting up and I think it actually may have become irritated by wearing heels and being on my feet so much during the past week.  Hopefully, with some Aleve and getting back to a regular running/exercise routine, it will correct itself!

It's time to head off to the bar to wreck my diet some more with beer and football.  Maybe I should order the fried mac and cheese wedges while I'm at it!  I ran this morning, right?

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