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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I AM on Track!

I've been away from my blog this week but I DID get back to my "normal" running routine!  A 2 mile run on Monday morning, Jillian Michael's abs Tuesday morning, Abs again on Wednesday morning, 5 mile run Wednesday afternoon, 30 day shred on Thursday morning, 2 mile run Friday morning and 6 miles yesterday morning.

It's clear that Fall is here.  It was 29 degrees when I went out to run at 7:30am on Saturday and barely light.  I'm one of the strange ones that actually likes running in the cold.  I ALWAYS over dress and end up being too warm but the air is invigorating!  Saturday was a good run.  A little slower pace than I would have liked but the morning was crisp with the sun coming up.  Steam was rising from the river/canal and I saw 3 deer during my run. 

After Saturday's run, we made a run for the border - AKA we went to visit our son at The University of Cincinnati.  The day turned out to be beautiful and WARM!  We went to the football game at 7pm and it was STILL 73 degrees outside! 

Looking forward to another good week of workouts.  I am headed for Sam's Club tomorrow for some odds and ends - namely dog food and protein bars - but I also plan to stock up on baby spinach, bananas and berries.  I'm going to experiment with Green Monster smoothies this week.  Wish me luck!

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